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Newsletter June 2016

Property Maintenance!!!

Please ensure your properties continue to look presentable. These are great ways to bring your kids together and do some work as a team. This is also a great way for your youth to earn some extra allowance! Please make sure you are planting flowers, mowing your lawns, removing weeds and keeping up the appearance of your homes. If you need to borrow HYS work truck for the removal of garbage, please contact Leanne at head office. Having a clean and presentable yard is of high importance for your home, neighbours and community.

Summer Camps

Make sure to get your youth involved with a summer camp. Registrations for the majority of camps are starting to take place. This is a fantastic way for your youth to meet new friends and get lots of exercise and do things they enjoy!


Wonderland passes are now available for pick up at the head office.

This is a great way to have some fun and get all your youth Passes involved. You may contact Leanne to obtain them. Please make sure all staff has HYS IDs before going to Canada’s Wonderland.

Kids Up Front

We would like to thank Kids Up Front for continuing to provide our youth with tickets to different events within the GTA. Within the last month our youth have been able to attend Blue Jays games, the Shrine Circus along with getting tickets for TFC II and ROM. These tickets are oftentimes very hard to come by. Please make sure you respond to your emails when these tickets are being offered! It is a great way to get your youth involved along with giving them great experiences.

June is Children’s Awareness Month

Please make sure to speak with your youth and become aware of their everyday struggles. Connecting with them on their level is key to opening up conversations around numerous topics.

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