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December 2016

Property Maintenance

All Foster Parents are reminded to make sure your properties are properly snow cleared and salted in slippery areas on a regular basis. This is very important to ensure that no Injuries occur due to slips or falls from the icy weather.

The holidays are quickly approaching! All foster parents and staff are to make sure that their homes are decorated for the holidays. This is a great way to get the youth we support involved and interacting with one another in a fun exciting way!


HYS believes in making our entire youth feel at home for the holidays. We require that every program have a family dinner, along with gifts for our youth. All gifts must be wrapped and addressed to the resident. We want to make the holidays a memorial one for the youth in our care.

Please note, in cases where a resident has a family visit over the holidays, foster parents and staff must have at least one gift remaining for them to take home to open with their family.

HYS is preparing for our annual holiday luncheon at the Brampton Mandarin from 11:45-3:45. Please contact Erin Hurley at the head office to reserve a seat and place your orders. This must be done no later than Dec 7th.

The cold weather is starting to make its entrance! Please ensure that all youth have appropriate clothing for the winter season (proper boots, coat, mittens, hat etc).

All staff should make sure they speak with their managers if they need UMAB training. HYS expects all their staff to be fully trained and qualified in order to provide the upmost care to our clients. There will be a UMAB training session this month, to get the confirmed dates please contact Gamin Teague at 905-450-4685.

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Please speak with your youth about the risks of impaired driving and helping them become educated around the topic. Also December 10th is Human Rights Day. Please be mindful that we all have rights and adults oftentimes are the main advocate for the youth we serve. However, it is important to remember that all youth should have a voice and be involved with regards to decision making around them.

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